The ultimate holiday accommodation for families – Sheraton Grand Mirage

When you think about the ultimate family holiday accommodation for families, you can’t beat the Sheraton Grand Mirage on the Gold Coast. It’s gorgeous beachfront location and proximity to all the Gold Coast entertainment makes it ‘the place to stay’. Whether your family wants to explore the nearby theme parks, surf, hire jet skis, go snorkelling or swim, or just relax poolside, there’s something for absolutely everyone to do.

When you have planned a busy holiday, it’s important to come back to somewhere away from the hustle and bustle so that you can chill out, lounge by the pool and really feel like you’ve been whisked away to a 5-star island resort. The Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort ticks all those boxes.

Recently, hubby and I booked two nights’ accommodation at the Sheraton Grand Mirage—one was a night with friends to let down my hair and celebrate my birthday, and one night to spend as a family. We stayed in a Garden-view room, with it’s only grassy area. Leo absolutely loved zooming around. Now that he’s found his legs, there’s no slowing him down. Living in an apartment, he’s somewhat limited for running space inside, so it was great to be able to sit down with a freshly brewed coffee and let him loose.



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One of the highlights of the Sheraton Grand Mirage is the Oasis lagoon pool. It’s heated just enough to take that initial chill off the water. Leo loves swimming so we spent the day lounging by the pool. There’s even a swim-up pool bar for Mum and Dad.

Having a toddler just a day by the pool feels like you have to pack for an overnight trip and you never have enough arms to carry everything, including wrangling your child. Fortunately, the Sheraton has a Burleigh Wagon available for guest hire. If you’ve never heard of the Burleigh Wagon, it’s a must-have for every family. (We have our own one at home, but since the Sheraton had one, we just borrowed theirs). It has ample storage for everything you would otherwise have to carry—boogie board holder, towels, sunscreen, extra swim nappies. It even has a built-in Esky to keep all your drinks and snacks chilled and a bluetooth speaker if you want to hook up your phone and stream Spotify or Apple Music for some tunes poolside.

The Burleigh Wagon is designed to go-off road as well, so perfect for heading down to the beach, which is just a stone’s throw from the pool. Or if you’re heading to Seaworld for the day, the kids can sit on the wagon and be towed when little legs get tired.

For breakfast, you can beat the Terraces Restaurant with their buffet style breakfast, there’s something to cater to all taste buds. The food was super tasty and now that Leo is eating exactly what we do thanks to the 100 different foods I introduced him to before he turned one, it was easy finding something he’d eat.

The Sheraton Grand Mirage have a number of promotional offers on at the moment that include breakfast at Terraces, romantic packages with champagne and chocolates on arrival or whale watching if you’re looking to explore nature.  Visit their website to find out more.
Oh, and when you book don’t forget to ask if you can book the Burleigh Wagon for your stay.

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