Product Review: The Burleigh Wagon

In Australia we are spoiled for spectacular beaches and waterways and a multitude of local pools and parks where you and the family can basically spend the whole day. But as any parent knows taking children out for the day requires A LOT of stuff and the Burleigh Wagon makes taking everything (children included) SO MUCH EASIER. With a built-in esky big enough to keep food and drinks cold, storage cupboards and bluetooth speaker with two USB ports, seats for your children that meet Australian safety standards, the Burleigh Wagon has your family day out sorted. When you get to your favourite picnic spot the Burleigh Wagon converts to a picnic table or bench seat with drinks holder so you don’t have to precariously balance your plate or cup in the sand or on your lap. The wagon can be used as a change table or turn on some soothing music through the speakers and convert the wagon into a daybed for your day nappers. With a 150kg+ weight capacity if you wanted to jump in for a ride or nap you can go right ahead. And now you can personalise your wagon with a number plate, cute!

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If you are a surfing mum, it doubles as a surfboard holder. It’s pet-friendly and kid-friendly. It seats two children with seat belts so I can buckle both my boys Leo and Husdon in and know they are safe while I wheel them back to the car. No more “My legs are tired! Carry me!” The Burleigh Wagon meets the mandatory consumer product safety standards for a stroller based on the Australian/New Zealand Standards 2088: Pram and Stroller safety requirements. The wheels are designed for all-terrains so wheeling all the gear and children is easy and there’s an umbrella and USB fan you can select as optional extras to keep your little humans cool and protected from harmful UV rays.

It comes ‘mostly’ assembled, you just need to add the wheels and handle which I was able to do without any problems. It fits in the boot of most compact SUVs and hatchbacks and if you go to their website there is a list of vehicles with photos of how the wagon fits in the boot. I love taking Leo and Husdon out with The Burleigh Wagon, being wheeled along for them is so fun, I’m not worried about them trying to cross the road holding all the bags and two kids, I know they are safe and I have everything for a relaxing day out.

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