The Burleigh wagon

In the movie, the Princess Bride there’s a quote that goes “True love is the greatest thing in the world.” But they obviously didn’t have a Burleigh Wagon, otherwise, they would have rewritten the script. Look, I know I’m a bit fickle and fall in love with the next best thing in five minutes flat, but when it comes to the Burleigh Wagon, this is a forever sort of love. The type of love they write great pop songs about. And I knew it would be cool when I read about it, I simply didn’t realise just how versatile it would be.

Living in Surfers Paradise, we are spoilt for the beautiful coast. Whether you stick around Main Beach or head south to Coolangatta, the Burleigh Wagon is the must-have essential for your trip to the beach.

So let’s unpack why it’s so great.

For those who don’t know of you who haven’t experienced the joy that is the Burleigh Wagon, let me explain what it is. Think of it as the ultimate picnic hamper, on wheels with an inbuilt chest to keep your food and drinks icy cold. There’s a snack track and drinks holder, so you don’t have to precariously balance your can or cup in the sand or on your lap. Inside is a Bluetooth speaker with two USB ports so you can take the party tunes with you.


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It doubles as a surfboard holder. I mean who wants to carry their longboard under their arm when you can tow it in style? It’s pet-friendly and kid-friendly. It actually meets stroller standards, so once you’ve eaten all the food—if you have little ones—who are getting tired, they sit on it and be towed back to the car. No more “My legs are tired! Carry me!” But wait, that’s not all…you can use it as a picnic table or a beach seat. It can be turned into a bed for a newborn (Put on soothing lullabies piped through the speaker and the crash of the surf will soon send bubs off to sleep). If you need to change a nappy, you can use it as a clean surface to do that (although, make sure you’ve eaten first!) The wheels are designed for all-terrains and there’s an umbrella you can purchase as an optional extra to protect your little humans, drinks or food from the hot Queensland sun.

The Burleigh Wagon meets the mandatory consumer product safety standards for a stroller based on the Australian/New Zealand Standards 2088: Pram and Stroller safety requirements. So rest assured it’s safe for your babies and toddlers. And my hubby is going to be thrilled when he discovers the load capacity is 150kg, so after a beach outing, he can tow both me and bubs back to the car. It seats two children with seatbelts, but I’m sure Leo can easily be propped up on my knee.

Whether you’re going to the beach or bush, the Burleigh Wagon is going to be right beside you for all your family adventures.

It comes mostly assembled, you just need to add the wheels and handle which I was able to do without any problems at all. It fits in the boot of most SUVs without any hassles. We’ve already used it loads of time since Leo was born and not just for beach trips, we even use it to transport snacks to the pool. Rest assured, the Burleigh Wagon is going to be with us every step of the way.


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