Product Review Nano™ Travel Buggy

When it comes to choosing prams or strollers, Social Mama Community founder, Elisha Fiorentino never imagined it would be so much like purchasing a car, weighing up the pros and cons, each with their own special features and some even with price tags similar to a small car. One thing she learnt is no matter how much the travel buggy costs or what kind of features it has, you need to be able to open up, virtually one-handed.

Introducing the Nano™ Travel by Mountain Buggy.  It was love at first sight! Living in an apartment, Elisha needed something that was compact, but also functional that was able to go from the sands of the Gold Coast on morning walks or to the office. It was also important that being a ‘social mama’ that it could easily squeeze into restaurants when Mum needed a break for coffee and cake or meetups with the Social Mama Community. There was a variety of colour hoods to choose from, but Elisha wanted yellow. It seemed more fitting because Elisha’s little boy is a Leo and she thought it would be super cute.

There are several things she really loves about the Nano™, and first up is the large fold-back hood. Being on the Gold Coast, Leo needs good protection from the sun. It will also help keep him dry during the wet season. And this summer has been a particularly wet one.

Being a travel blogger and an on-the-go mum who loves to explore the world, it was really important to Elisha that whatever pram she selected needed to be easy to take with her—anywhere! The advantages to the Nano™ is that it has been designed for travelling. It folds down so you can pop it into an overhead locker once aboard your plane. No more having to check prams in as oversized luggage, you can wheel your pram right on into the cabin. This is particularly handy if you are transferring between flights. No need to struggle to hold bubs, carry-on luggage, nappy bags and handbags while rushing to the transit lounge. 

Elisha also goes to church, so the Nano™ makes it easier to whip out and fold down without any help. It’s incredibly lightweight too and with a shoulder strap, It can be slung over a shoulder or popped beside her at church, so if Leo decides to scream mid-service, she can make a quick escape without disturbing the entire congregation.

It is also very manoeuvrable and comes with kerb pop technology which puts the centre of gravity towards the back of the buggy making the front much lighter. So, when you get to a kerb or are getting off or on public transport you only need a small push down on the handle and the front will lift up easily.

The bigger wheels are low maintenance and it features rear-wheel suspension for a smoother ride when you go offroad–—cobblestones, pebbled concrete, gravel or dirt roads or freshly mown grass. And of course, we can’t forget to mention the 5-point safety harness to keep Baby Leo safe and secure.

If you have a newborn, you’re going to love the new lie-flat feature. It’s so easy to adjust from a fully reclined position to sitting, so when you combine this with the 20kg load capacity, this pram really has what it takes for longevity—from newborn to toddler.

The Nano™ Travel also teams with a cocoon that’s available as an additional extra. It will keep Leo warm and snuggly and allow Elisha to move him from the buggy to the car without disturbance. There is also a great range of accessories including a travel satchel, sleeping bag, winter skis (I’m not joking) umbrellas that attach to the stroller, cup holders and handmuffs. This baby buggy has everything to fit the new mum lifestyle.

If you are after a travel buggy that really has it all, you can’t beat the Nano Travel Buggy. It’s been getting a real workout since the commencement of the Social Mama Community weekly meet-ups and the monthly Boost Social ladies Sunday breakfast meetings.

Pictured: Leo happily sat in the travel buggy at the Cardamom Pod Brickworks when Mum had a Sunday breakfast with the Boost Social team. 

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