My hubby wanted to put me on a budget. Find out what I did to avoid it!

Marriage and pregnancy change everything! It’s no secret that living in Surfers Paradise in an ocean view apartment, that I like the finer things in life. I’m not really materialistic at all, but I do like the finer things in life—and by finer things, I mean I want what everyone wants—a nice home that’s actually mine (Sorry hubby, I mean ours), to be in walking distance to the beach, good coffee and to be able to go out for breakfast and not feel guilty about ordering smashed avo on toast.

When I got pregnant, one of my goals was to purchase our own home. We still rent and the fact that we’re paying someone else’s mortgage kills me. I wish it was mine. Hubby was indignant that now we were married and pregnant we needed to adhere to some sort of budget and rein in my spending habits. EXCUSE ME!? Did it say in our wedding vows, I promise to give up my morning smashed avo and toast? I don’t think so.  Over the next couple of days, I spent pacing around the office panicking and muttering about a being on a budget. Just the word budget made me break out in a cold sweat. I’ve been very blessed in my life and while I’m by no means as rich as a troll, the very word budget had me envisaging a life void of online shopping purchases, instant, non-barista made coffee, and dinners of two-minute noodles.

But thanks to the First Home Savers System, it literally saved my life. Okay, I realise that might sound a little dramatic, but completing the course specially designed for first home buyers helped my husband understand that we can still have a lifestyle and not forgo all those little things that make it worth getting out of bed in the morning. Obviously, I know that I’m going to have to be a bit flexible and the savings strategies and savings tracker you get access to in the course is definitely shown me where I can ‘trim the fat’.

What I really liked most about the First Home Savers System was the insight into the grants that are available to first homeowners, that many people don’t know they can access, and the $30,000 tax-deductible savings towards your first home per person in the course.

The course was a lot more interesting than I anticipated. There are nine modules of videos to watch, which if you binge-watch pretending it’s a Netflix session will take around 2 hours. There is a lot of valuable content though, so you may want to pace yourself, and there’s homework. I used to hate doing homework, but this was actually fun, especially because I could see the end goal at the forefront of my mind.

Given the state of the economy, I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to complete this course for wannabe first-time homeowners. It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia—the beautiful suburbs of South East Queensland or Central West New South Wales—if you want your own home this course is for you. I only wish I’d had access to this information earlier.

Normally, doing a course like this would cost a couple of grand, but it’s only $47, that’s like approximately two smashed avos on toast and two coffees, in exchange for a wealth of knowledge.

What you get for $47 when you sign up for the First Home Saver System:

  • Customised calculators to help you budget
  • All the templates and tools you need to budget and track your savings
  • Training on what’s tax deductive and what’s not
  • Strategies for planning a budget you can stick to without giving up everything you love
  • Education on capital gains
  • Risk profile strategies
  • Exclusive mortgage tips and tools
  • PLUS also included are budgeting tools, personal saving apps (You know how I love a good app) and a saving tracker template.

If you want to learn more or sign up for the course, click here. You won’t regret it.
I can’t wait for Baby F to arrive and start planning the next stage of our family journey.


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