My breastfeeding Journey – Tips that helped me

I’m writing this in case another mama needs this. A few weeks ago I jumped into a few groups on facebook searching keywords like “breastfeeding refusal” and “low milk supply” for help – but not really knowing where to start. After offering formula as a top up, getting the flu, and being away for a day (replaced feeds with formula), when I tried using a pump, I found that nothing came out, and so I started to panic, as I didn’t want our breastfeeding journey to be over.

However, after searching groups and Google I got some great tips, now I’d like to share what worked for me: My 9-month-old baby is now on 3 meals a day and before the refusal was breastfed 4 + times a day (the odd bottle of formula was given if I had to work). Here’s what I did:

1. Offered breastmilk every hour or two.

2. Hand expressed a little milk into his mouth, to show that there was milk.

3. Started hand pumping – which worked for me by surprise as machine pumps never have- to help build my milk back up whilst bub was still refusing.

4. Drank lots of water.

5. Had oats for breakfast every morning.

6. Took a ‘Mummy smoothie’ from Optivance that helped increase milk supply. (use code SOCIALMAMA20 for 20%off)

7. Did not give up, but was also very patient, taking the pressure off, knowing he was a good eater food-wise.

The first two days were rough, but by the third day, he was back to breastfeeding each time offered. I could tell it wasn’t enough for him though, as he wasn’t fully satisfied. But by the 7th day, he was coming off each feed milk drunk again!

I know this has been a long post – but I just wanted to share, as I know 100% that without doing all these things, our breastfeeding journey was 100% over. My milk was nearly gone and he weren’t having a bar of It – but I managed to turn it around. I hope this post can do the same for others. #breastrefusal #lowmilksupply

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