Maternity Must-Haves

Being a new mama, I really relied on the advice of friends and family for all my maternity needs—which has been really appreciated. However, now that you’ve been reading my blogs for just over nine months (and if this is your first time here, welcome!) so I feel like we’re already friends and so I’m going to share my top list of maternity must-haves with you. I’ve spent endless hours researching brands and trialing maternity wear and baby products. I hope this can assist you in finding the right products for your pregnancy and you’ll love them just as much as I do. While Leo is sleeping, I thought I’d take this chance to update you—although I could just sit and stare at his cute little face forever. It’s hard to drag myself away!

While I loved being pregnant (not the heartburn or the sleepless nights or parts where I felt sick), I really struggled when my belly outgrew my clothes. I had always thought maternity clothes had to be like large circus tents, but I discovered a range of maternity clothing, I would get pregnant again just so I get to wear them. They also have some beautiful clothes for new mamas designed for easy access to make nursing so much easier.

Lorna Jane

I lived in activewear, so I really have to give kudos to Lorna Jane for their maternity crops and high waisted pants—super comfortable.

The Su & So

The Su & So collection includes maternity sports bra and the softest jumpers with side zips so you don’t have to whip up your top while breastfeeding. All you have to do is unhook the clips on the sports bra or unzip the jumper for side boob. I loved these so much, I thought they deserved their own blog. You can read it here.

Saffron Road Fashion

For everyday maternity wear, Saffron Road Fashion isn’t officially maternity wear, but it’s gorgeously flowy with dresses that will gently caress your baby bump. You can also continue to wear it while you’re getting back into shape.  They have an awesome range of maxi dresses and I guess I would describe it as boho chic.

Bae the Label

BAE the label is a collection of casual wear and they have scrumptious hoodies that are so comfortable, maternity and leggings—everything that you could want. I have lived in them since Leo arrived.


Legeo is a standout for their beautiful knitwear which I’ve found perfect for those chillier winter days. They also have a super cute collection of feedwear, that make breastfeeding when you are out and about so much easier.

Mama Muse 

The absolutely cutest dresses ever! Thank goodness they offer extensive clothing range goes beyond maternity wear because I will be back to shop here. I love, love, love their clothing. You can read my separate blog about Mama Muse by clicking here.

In no particular order my top must-haves are:

  1. Shnuggle baby bath
    This baby bath is an award-winning design. I don’t fit in it, otherwise, I would have tried and tested it myself. It’s suitable for newborns and the innovative bum bump design helps support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bathtime for babies right up to 12 months plus. Leo’s had his first bath and while he was quite surprised by the water, he seemed to love it. 
  2. Shnuggle Moonlight
    This is a night time feeding light. It features a baby-safe, soft glow and low blue light levels and perfect for feeding sessions, comforting and while changing nappies; creating a calming environment that reduces stimulation and helps to promote sleep for my little boy. Even I find it soothing. 
  3. Knitting Gardenn handmade toys, beautifully made, perfect for bubbas first toy or welcome gift.
  4. Cushii Australia
    They sell portable baby lounges that look like a bean bag but are completely safe for bubs. It’s easy to pick up with one hand while carrying Leo in the other. And allows you to keep bubs comfortable and near you, while you do the necessary things to function throughout the day.
    Cushii is Australian designed. 
  5. BodyICE Woman
    The BodyICE Woman range is stylishly designed remedial ice and heat packs just for ladies and provides calming relief during recovery after surgery, pre and post-childbirth and throughout breastfeeding. I used it when I got home after Leo had been born, and it was amazing! AAAAA-MAZING!! 
  6. Handmade Dreaming Co
    The most gorgeous dream catchers and baby mobiles that have to be seen to be believed. Visit their Facebook page. So, so, so cute!! I really feel like it’s a highlight of the nursery, aside from my new son, of course! 
  7. Natural Rubber Soother
    Crafted from a single mould of natural rubber you can be sure you’re giving your baby one of the safest and most hygienic dummies on the market. Many parents want toys and soothers that do not contain phthalates, which is typically used to soften toys for babies. The Natural Rubber Soother is:

    • BPA FREE
    • Contains no chemical softeners
    • Parabens Free
    • Contains no PVC or Phthalates.
  8. ergoPouch™ Australia Sleeping Bags
    Once the swaddling phase is over, the Jersey Sleeping Bag is the ideal first sleeping bag for baby. The Sheeting Sleeping Bag is designed for infants who prefer more room in their bag. Made from breathable natural fibres, organic cotton is soft on baby’s skin and is TOG (warmth) rated to measure thermal resistance for different seasons. I haven’t used this yet, but I totally will.
  9. Bravado Designs Australia Maternity Bras
    There are bras for your entire journey as a mama to be from maternity bras for while your pregnant and nursing bras for breastfeeding. It’s one of the top brands for mums around the world. The maternity bras are super comfortable. They have a great sizing chart to help you accurately measure yourself and provide the right cup size. 
  10. Baby Tula Baby Carrier
    The Baby Tula Baby Carrier is the handsfree way to keep bubs with you so you can get on with your day. Very cute, but masculine enough so the Baby Daddy will feel comfortable using it (well until it arrived in my favourite colour, which everyone knows is pink! 
  11. Trunki Australia
    The original innovative ride-on suitcase for globe-trotting tots! You can even design your own. We are hoping to go to New Zealand before Christmas, if the travel bubble opens between New Zealand and Queensland. 
  12. Bebe Luxe Multi-Use Cover
    I love a product that can be used in multiple ways and Bebe Luxe Multi-Use Cover is definitely that. You can use the cover while breastfeeding in public, to cover a baby capsule, blanket, wrap, highchair or shopping trolley cover. I’ve already used it and it’s only not even been a week since he arrived. 
  13. From Mum Hamper
    If no one treats you to a From Mum hamper treat yourself. I was blessed with the ‘BIrth Box  and the breastfeeding bundle. So in turn, I got one of my girlfriends and mum to be ‘The Preggo pack’ so many gorgeous gifts.
  14. Baby beats bear
    Okay, I said I didn’t have a favourite, but I so do and this is it! Love LOVE LOV the Baby Beats Bear. It perfectly complemented the nursery, but the heartbeat lion was just too adorable to pass up on. Baby Beats provides a simple to use 20-second red-heart recording module to record the sound of your unborn baby’s heartbeat during your ultrasound appointment, then fits inside one of the plush animals of your choice and plays back the heartbeat recording every time you give it a squeeze!

  15. Social mama matching mum and bubba outfits 🥰
    Baby F is going to be the best-dressed bubs on the Gold Coast in his Social Mama outfits not to mention there will be no disputing whose baby he is because we can be matchy matchy. And I plan to milk this until he is old enough to complain!

  16. A Forever Memory Prints
    I got our ultrasound pictures frame and the frame matches the nursery and will be a memory I treasure forever.

  17. The birth poster Celebrate the birth of your child with a 1:1 scale artwork that reminds you of how small your baby was at birth 
  18. Sophie the giraffe
    A chew toy for teething which again matched my animal-themed nursery. Its size and shape are designed for a baby’s small hand to grasp.
  19. Stainless steel pegs
    If you live in Queensland you’ll be all too familiar with how plastic pegs go brittle and crumble in your fingers after being exposed to the element. Stainless steel pegs are heaven sent and since I’ve chosen cloth nappies, I feel like I need pegs that are up to the job. They don’t get too hot to touch and they don’t break and snap.

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