Life Lessons I have learnt from gardening

I’ve always loved gardening. Before Leo came along, I was obsessed with my plant babies. I couldn’t go to Bunnings without coming home with a boot load of plants. Unfortunately, due to living in an apartment building, I’m restricted to having all my plants in pots. Now that I’ve started to settle into Mum life and it’s a little more familiar after two months (and surviving hubby going away for a week), I’ve realised I can do this! I can be the mum I want to be for Leo, the amazing wife I want to be for my hottie husband, boss babe with a thriving social media business and a mum to my plant babies.

This week while Leo was snoozing, I got back to paying much needed love and attention to my cacti, herbs and potted colour. I’ve realised that gardening gives me time to clear my head, and plan out my day and I’ve also realised some life lessons from gardening that I can apply to all areas of my life.

In my Business life:

If you’ve been following me on socials, you’ll know that in addition to being a mum, I’m also the managing director of a Gold Coast social media agency called Boost Social. It was while I was tending to my cacti, I realised that gardening has taught me a lot about social media.  So often, I’ll have people come to me and say, “Hey, I’ve been on social media now for two weeks [or a month], and no one has bought any of my products. What am I doing wrong?”

And here’s the best way I can think of explaining it.

When I first took up gardening, I realised how I needed to work on having more patience. I wanted my flowers to bloom overnight. I wanted herbs to flourish so I could add them into cooking, but I realised there’s more to gardening than just throwing your plants in soil and expecting an overnight miracle. It takes A LOT of  patience, watering them, talking to them, trying to analyse what they need to thrive, and some may even need fertiliser. It got me thinking that Facebook and Instagram are just like my plants.

The social media network, whether it’s Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram is your plant. Watering them and caring for them on a weekly basis is the content creation. The talking to the plants is like the engagement on your social channels, and sometimes a plant needs a boost with fertiliser—this would be the ad spend.

When you first plant a seed, you can’t expect it to grow or produce fruit if you don’t give it the necessary care or patience. You can’t plant watermelon seeds,  wake up the next morning and expect to be eating watermelon. And every plant requires different styles of care. What works for my potted flowers isn’t what works for my cacti. If I don’t look after my plants the right care or leave them for weeks at a time they wither and die.

In my spiritual life

I have been a little mum-obsessed when Leo first came along. My priorities were keeping my human baby alive and I forgot about my plant babies. Some of them weren’t doing so well. And it’s a lot like being a Christian. Without taking care of yourself by surrounding yourself with good soil (the type of people you surround yourself with), regular watering (bathing yourself in the word), your plants don’t grow.

In my mum life

When I first started setting up my balcony garden, I didn’t realise how much time and hard work it would take, wedding, repotting when they outgrow their pots, nurturing them back to health when they were sick. I can’t help but feel in some small way  It was preparing me for when Leo came along.  The secret ingredient for any good thing in life, in business and your spiritual life is hard work. It means putting in the effort when you don’t feel like it.

What have you learnt from gardening? Do you enjoy it? And what’s your favourite thing to grow? I hope to pass on my love for gardening to Leo when he’s old enough.


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