Product review: The best pregnancy apps for mums – revised January 2022

As a mum of a toddler and another bubba on the way, Social Mama founder Elisha Fiorentino decided it was time to revamp the best pregnancy apps for mums list. She’s a year older, pregnant and this time around, a little more clued up on what to expect. While every pregnancy is different, Elisha feels more prepared, armed with experience and supported by digital technology. Over the past year, she’s been working hard on her own app for mums, which will be included in this list of best apps.

One thing about being a 2022 mum is we have an array of amazing apps to choose from. A whole world of information and productivity apps are available at the touch of your fingers. Of course, they don’t replace the expert advice from your midwife or doctor, but at 2.00 am when you’re awake with terrible heartburn and the rest of the world is sleeping, you can seek comfort from some of the best pregnancy apps available online.

Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different. There are some baby mama’s that spout off the joys of growing another human being and feel glowy and dewy with amazing skin and hair, while others spend the majority of the time slumped over the porcelain bowl praying for death. No matter what your experience, it’s part amazing, part terrifying, but definitely exciting. Whether you’re pregnant and looking for prenatal support or a postpartum mum who’s toying with the idea of having another child, our Social Mama community hopes you will find these prenatal apps helpful during your pregnancy journey.

Social Mama Community’s Favourite Pregnancy Apps


Social Mama

One of the biggest things Elisha realised during the COVID years was the distinct lack of support and community for pregnant women and new mums. The goal of Social Mama is reflected in the name. It’s a safe and secure community, where mums from all walks of life can connect. With virtual events, in-person meet-ups and access to exclusive content, Social Mama is the place you go for support from real mums. You’ll join seeking support and soon discover a world of mums who share the same struggles, hopes and dreams.  With COVID-19 affecting a lot of mum and bubs groups, you can now turn to Social Mama.  Click here to download Social Mama.

Other highly rated pregnancy apps used by Elisha Fiorentino

Social Mama community’s Favourite Pregnancy Apps

What to expect WTE

This multiple award-winning apps is one of the most used apps in the digital realm. Based on the best selling book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting!”  WTE app is regularly reviewed by a board of medical specialists to ensure all information is the very latest. Top-rated guides walk you through what to expect during pregnancy day-by-day, even right down to hour-by-hour. Enter your due date and it personalises your content just for you—the latest news, health info, a daily tracker. Elisha loved the pregnancy tips and the easy to understand videos that talk about the changes your body experiences.

Download: Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE


With more than 30 million downloads and a stream of 5-star reviews, We had to see why the Pregnancy+ app was so popular. The images are beautiful and Elisha enjoyed watching the 3Dvdevelopment stages of her pregnancy. “The tips it provided were super helpful and relevant. It also helped me keep track of my appointments. Even being pregnant for the second time, it’s still been really interesting. This has definitely been one of my favourites and I’m sure my workmates have appreciated the “My baby is the size of an avocado,” and “My baby is the size of a mango” updates,” said Elisha.

Download: Pregnancy+ app


Elisha found this app really informative and it offered fairly similar functions as Pregnancy+ but this app stood out for its hospital bag checklist which helped Elisha put a plan in place to help work out what she needed in her hospital bag.

It also has a newborn essential list which is a must-have and a contraction counter, kicks timer and weight tracker.

Download: Sprout

If you’re a postpartum mum and the baby has already arrived, Elisha has already researched the best apps for first-time mums. And if baby number two is on the way, these apps are always helpful as a refresher course (If you get time to look when working and wrangling a toddler).

Best App For Parenting

The Wonder Weeks

From understanding why your baby cries more than normal to what you should do when your baby doesn’t seem themselves, this award-winning app is a game-changer for parents. Apple declared The Wonder Weeks to be the Best sold apps in 2018, 2019 & 2020. It features information on the developmental stages and what to expect as your baby grows. It also has a diary to track bub’s development—milestones, sleep, toys, notes. It even includes a Wi-Fi baby monitor and classical music. Recent updates mean you can now export your diary to PDF and the e-book has been translated into German proving it’s a parenting app you can turn to, no matter where in the world you are.

Download: The Wonder Weeks

Baby tracker – Newborn Log

If you’re a busy parent, Baby Tracker is the easiest way to track a baby’s daily habits, health and all those exciting first poo, first bath, first smile. Feedings, nappy changes and sleep patterns can be recorded with a one-handed tap and keep all of the important information in the one-place. There is a photo gallery for all those images you want to capture the moments forever, a medical log to track temperature, vaccinations and medications.

Download: Baby Tracker

If you’ve got an app you’ve used and loved, don’t forget to share it with us. 

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