E-Book: 100 Foods To Try Before Age One

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Written from personal experience and experimentation – 29 pages of pure gold!

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E-Book: 100 Foods To Try Before Age One: $19.95
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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably done lots of research on what to feed your baby as soon as they can start on solids. I studied what foods to start Leo on, portion size, how much to feed him, what to avoid, what foods I should give him to avoid allergies later in life. Add to that reading articles on how to avoid raising a fussy eater to the latest news on allergens, and basically, I spent A LOT of time reading and researching. And as a mum, you don’t have a lot of ‘me-time’ anyway, so I thought I’d create an ebook where I can share my experiences and what I’ve discovered feeding bubs. Fingers crossed that saves you hours of trawling the internet and doing all the research yourself.

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