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When it comes to breastfeeding, I’m a complete newbie and still feel like I am finding my feet. People had subjected me to horror stories about breast pumping, so before I committed to a breast pump, I did my research.  After all, I wanted the very best in breast pumping technology.  I had heard stories of how many of my friends hated pumping and that it made them feel like a milking cow. But being a businesswoman and still trying to juggle a business and being a new mum, I need the versatility of being able to leave the Baby Daddy with enough breast milk to keep our little Leo fed in the event I need to have a client meeting. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean I’m rushing back into the office in a hurry. I’m enjoying my time with my little man so much. I look at him and can’t quite believe he’s mine. I also wanted hubby to be able to do feeds if I was catching up on sleep. I wanted a breast pump that wasn’t so loud it was going to keep the neighbours awake or scare my work colleagues if I have to express in the office. There isn’t a dedicated space to do this, so the quieter the better.

I ended up choosing the Swing Flex single electric breast pump by Medela. Admittedly, I was rather intimidated using it the first time I had too, up until I had Leo, I had suspiciously eyed the breast pump and laughed. It’s a different story when you need to use it out of necessity.  It was much simpler than I anticipated. It comes with a breast shield which means you can personalise the experience to you to make it as comfortable as possible. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to take a little while to get used to, but it’s certainly not hard.
The Medela features Expression Technology. It mimics the way a baby would latch on to your nipples so it feels more natural than older breast pump technology did.
It was really easy to clean, easy enough to use, and is very portable. I love it that I can pop it in my bag and take with me for overflow so I don’t get embarrassing leakage.

Medela also does other products for pregnant mums and new mums. I really like their nursing bras.
The Medela Nursing Bra is super comfortable. It’s seamfree and there are no wires. It’s made from this amazing feeling stretch fabric, so it adapts with your changing body. What I liked most is the one-handed clip for quick release. I also loved the fact that they’re available in a wide range of sizes for even the chestiest ladies. Even after I’ve finished breastfeeding, I might still resort to using this bra, because I love how comfortable it is.


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If you haven’t tried Medela products or have been wondering what breast pump to go for, then I can highly recommend the Swing Flex breast pump and their range of maternity and nursery bras.


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