Product Review for Medela Breast Pump

If you’re pregnant and researching breast pumps, or a new mum who isn’t happy with her chosen breast pump, save yourself hours of time by simply reading this product review for the Medela breast pump. Founder of Social Mama Community, Elisha Fiorentino went totally over the top with her research and then when she found a breast pump she loved, she wanted to share her findings with the prenatal and postpartum community.

Prior to breastfeeding, Elisha had heard hundreds of horror stories about what it was like to pump breast milk from friends who felt like dairy cows to breast pumps that were so loud it would wake the neighbours. She wanted to find the best breast pump on the market and after weeks (and weeks) of research, she narrowed it down to the Medela Breast Pump.

Being a business woman, Elisha needed the versatility of being able to juggle a thriving Gold Coast marketing agency, social community for prenatal and postpartum mums, as well as adjust to being a new mum. In the event of a client meeting where she needs to leave Leo with Nana or her husband, she wanted a breast pump that was easy to use. It also needed to be quiet, so she didn’t keep the whole of her Surfers Paradise apartment away in the small hours of the morning.

The answer to Elisha’s prayers came in the form of the Medela Swing Flex Single Electric Breast Pump.

“Admittedly, I was rather intimidated using it the first time I had too, up until I had Leo, I had suspiciously eyed the breast pump and laughed. It’s a different story when you need to use it out of necessity.  It was much simpler than I anticipated. It comes with a breast shield which means you can personalise the experience to you to make it as comfortable as possible. I’m not going to lie, it takes a little while to get used to, but it’s certainly not hard.” Elisha Fiorentino said.


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The Medela features Expression Technology. It mimics the way a baby would latch on to its mother’s nipples for a more natural feel than the technology your own mum was probably used to.

What Elisha loved most about the Medela Breast Pump is that it was really easy to fit in her handbag.

“I love that I can pop it in my bag and take it with me for overflow so I don’t get embarrassing leakage,” she said.

Medela’s range of products extends beyond breast pumps and does a range of great products for prenatal and postpartum mums. Elisha has also found their nursing bras have been a godsend.

“When your breasts are feeling full and uncomfortable there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra and the Medela nursing bra is super super comfortable and even after I’ve stopped breastfeeding, I will probably still use this bra because I’ve never experienced comfort like this in any bra—ever!”

What makes the Medela nursing bra so comfortable?

The light breathable fabric is gentle against skin and with the super soft and stretchy band, it gives the bra a flexible fit. The drop down cups allow you to open and close clips with one hand, so if you are carrying bubs you don’t have to find somewhere to lie them down. It also comes with foam cups so your boobs look amazing. Best of all there are no seams that rub or annoying underwires, yet it still provides all the support you need.

Elisha also found the Medela cleaning range of accessories were also very helpful. The Quick Clean soap made cleaning bottles made removal of stubborn breast milk really easy. It also doesn’t taint the bottle with fragrances or smells that might put your baby off taking the bottle. The Quick Clean bottle brush also makes it much easier to clean baby bottles, gentle enough to prevent scratching glass or plastic (scratches make it easy for bacteria to build up) and also allows you to get into those difficult corners.

“Breastfeeding has just been so much simpler with Medela’s Swing Flex Breast Pump, nursing bra and accessories. I would really encourage you to check them out. They’re not a luxury item, they’re essential,” Elisha said.

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