Activewear for breastfeeding mums!

Did you know there was such a thing as an activewear breastfeeding jumper? Neither did I, until I found the Su & So Collection.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I used to have my own luxury activewear range called Diamond Active. Every item was hand-selected for comfort and looking amazing. It was rare that I was seeing wearing anything else other than a pair of legging, a crop top, and teamed with a matching scrunchy. You could almost say it was my signature daytime look. I love being active and living on the Gold Coast and so close to the beach, activewear is a must-have.

Once I became pregnant and my focus shifted, so with a heavy heart, I decided to sell my activewear company and focus on what you now know as the Social Mama shop—baby and Mama wear.

As you can imagine, I am super fussy when it comes to activewear. It needs to have the right feel and fit, and with being pregnant I wanted something that was going to suit my lifestyle once Leo entered the world.

And then I found the amazing Su & So Collection—activewear you can breastfeed in. Hallelujah. I don’t know how many manufacturers seem to think that because you’re a nursing mum, you need to dress like you’re from the 1950s. This is not the case with the Su & So Collection, each item is so on-trend. The inspiration for the collection came from a desire to help new mums to feel their best and get motivated to live a healthy and active lifestyle. And they have certainly achieved that because I literally cannot wait to get back out there without waddling in my new Su & So Collection.

I got the two high neck sports bras, two nursing jumpers—one in each colour— and of course, I absolutely had to have the matching scrunchies which are made from recycling the fabric offcuts. (Way to go Su & So!) Each item of activewear has some great features, so I’ll highlight a few favourite things about each.

Su & So Collection Maternity Sports Bra

The sports bra high neckline provides good coverage and extra support. I love how the shoulder straps are wide so they don’t dig in. It has maternity clips and is easy to unclip so you can breastfeed if necessary. The waistband is adjustable, so they really are completely adjustable for the perfect fit, but what I love most is they come with removable breast pads, so no embarrassing leakage. Although the pebble and marbled prints and darker colours will easily camouflage it if you opt not to use the breast pads.

Su & So Collection Breastfeeding Jumper

I didn’t realise breastfeeding jumpers existed and I absolutely adore the colours. There are two to choose from Dusty Rose and Dusk (which is a beautiful blue). The style is very flattering and the chest area seems to be roomy enough to cater for bountiful sized boobs. I also love how soft and fleecy the fabric feels. It’s just so comfy, like a warm hug. What I love the most is the side zip access so I can feed Leo without having to pull up my clothing and exposing my stomach.


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If chasing after a baby is about to become your only form of cardio, you need the Su & So Collection. Visit their Instagram feed by clicking here.

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